Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

Email marketing:

The emerging role of Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing has really helped in identifying customer preferences, time management, customizing the content, creating promotions based on social preferences, and also helps in increasing the revenue of the companies.

Though we have various other ways of marketing, email marketing is still playing a vital role. Companies rely on this as they can have personalized communication with their customers. 269 billion emails were sent and received each day. 81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention.

Email Marketing is also a part of Digital Marketing as it helps to set up a good personal relationship with the customer. The messages can be sent to a group of people or to a particular individual in a customized manner.

Usage of email over the years

Usage of email

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing:

Optimizing the Content:

The content written on the email can be optimized based on the customer data which we already have collected and can be personalized for them. There can be automated emails generated too for their birthdays, anniversary, and so on. The personalized emails sent to them make them feel special and also can be used for remarketing purposes.

optimising the content

Customizing Promotions:

AI helps in customizing the promotional offers to the customers as we have the metadata available. For instance, customers who are already iPhone buyers or searching for a new phone, it is an excellent time to advertise to them about the release of the new iphone11 which will drive the traffic to the apple website.


Works based on Preferences:

Most of the AI system collects customer preferences via email and from their browser history. It tries to send them their preferred product details or offers related to their search history which enables the buyer to complete their order. Eg. If any customer has added any products on amazon and has not fulfilled the order. The remainder will be shown on their partner websites to drive the customer to complete the order.

Based on preferences

Effective send Time Management:

Every person has different ways of doing their activities. For instance person A checks his email regularly in the morning before he starts work. Person B checks his mail only at 9 pm at night. AI has all these data and will send the emails according to each person’s preferred time thus effectively targets the desired results.

Send time management

Reduces Human Involvement:

In the field of email marketing, AI has taken over the job of sending automated emails. Currently, personalized emails are sent based on the preferences and likes of the customer. Human involvement has been totally replaced as machines can do these work faster and also with very fewer errors. The human manhours can be utilized for other better purposes.

Human involvement

Enhances Profitability:

The speed of deliverability of emails to clients from time to time and at the right time, in turn, increases the revenue to a great extent. AI will boost profitability by 38% and generate $14 trillion of additional revenue by 2035.

To conclude:

The role of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Digital Marketing has a great impact on various other sectors like advertising, content management, creative and design work, email marketing, and market analysis. All over the world many companies have incorporated AI in their business and have achieved the desired results. In specific in Asia, there has been a huge shift to AI usage in email marketing by many companies and have found it very effective. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the marketing scenario in recent years and will continue to do so in the near future.

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