Remarketing in Digital Marketing

Importance of Remarketing in Digital Marketing

Over the years the Digital Marketing has started playing an important role in the field of any business. Remarketing has given wonderful results to the companies who have been doing it effectively. Vinitha Venkatesh, Digital Marketing Consultant can help organizations to effectively use remarketing for generating leads and increase their business revenue.


Capturing the customers who have either purchased your product or viewed the product or have shown interest in the same in the past. Remarketing need not necessarily be made only to those who have bought the product. It can be those who have visited our website shown interest and left from there. This kind of traffic maybe around 70% to 90% and when these advertisements are shown to them it will help us to convert them to take action.

Many a time few customers would have added the items to the cart and left before buying, at that juncture remarketing advertisements help us to convert them into customers, for instance, we mainly see customers adding the items on Amazon or Myntra and abandon the cart and while they are on Facebook their shopping carts can be shown as a reminder for them to buy.

It is a very cost-effective way of advertising for branding the product or reminding the customers about the product or service. Once a satisfied customer can always be a customer again, so it becomes very easy to sell the product to that customer. For instance, A person who starts using an iPhone and is satisfied with the features and user-friendliness will always become an iPhone customer. So it becomes very easy to show advertisements about the new iPhone launch release to the existing customer who will become a potential future customer. He or she has the most chances of upgrading their phone.

Remarketing can be done in various ways like

  • Email Remarketing,
  • Social Media Remarketing,
  • Google Remarketing,
  • Offline Remarketing.

Email Remarketing:

Since we can send a lot of personalized messages, email is a preferred medium for remarketing. This method enables us to understand customer preferences and market the items based on their past purchasing behavior. This helps us to enable a better click-through rate. The email remarketing helps in reducing shopping cart abandonment. It enhances sales and reengaging the old customers easily. The effectiveness of remarketing can help in increasing the revenue and return on investments. It helps in bringing new organic leads and converting them into future customers.

Email Remarketing

Google Remarketing:

It is a very powerful tool as it helps connect with the customers and helps in brand awareness. This can be mainly achieved by advertising on google partner websites to redirect the traffic to our website. The google advertisement pages contain google marketing code which will help to get the customer data of whoever watches or goes through the advertisement. This will help to build an audience database and these audiences can be targeted with future promotions.

Google Remarketing

Social Media Remarketing:

It is nothing but customers viewing the advertisements of remarketing on Social Media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin. These remarketing advertisements help to enable customers to take action. These audiences can be grouped based on their likes, preferences, etc.,.On Facebook there is a lookalike audience list which will enable us to double our audience network. On Twitter, we can make an audience network list of 500 users that can be used for targeting. Youtube also allows us to create a custom audience list based on their interests, keywords, demographics, etc., and target them. The Linkedin market enables us to generate more organic results.

Social media marketing

Offline Remarketing:

Offline marketing can be phone remarketing or offers and discounts offered to customers when they visit the store. For instance, Central mall offers a sale on the purchase of goods above Rs 5000 and gives cashback of Rs 5000 which can be redeemed in 10 months as Rs500 each month. This offer enables us to bring the customer back to the store every month and will make them buy more. This strategy of remarketing enables to sell the products to the existing customer base.

Offline marketing

To Conclude:

Remarketing is a tool that can bring 70% of the customers back to the business. 25% enjoy seeing remarketing advertisements. The click-through ratio is 10X more than another form of advertising. This is an effective and powerful tool which enables to increase the customer base and overall revenue to the organization.

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